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Our latest Pop Up... THE INTERIOR

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

We are so happy to welcome The Interior to our Clubhouse. A brand that is both beautiful and thoughtful.

The Interior is a Hamptons based store that offers a curated selection of products, art and furniture for the home founded by Stephanie Michaan. Inspired by comfort, a minimal aesthetic and natural elements, the store is centered around design that creates a sense of serenity and lightness while showcasing a range of brands and talented designers from around the world. The philosophy for The Interior is thoughtful, minimal, sanctuary-like environments that set us at ease.

"The Interior" woman is someone who cares about a beautiful, peaceful space, but also the story behind the objects that make it that way.

Come visit the Clubhouse and view some of the pieces Stephanie has curated for you. Also visit her website for inspiration and to learn more about this radiant, lovely woman.

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