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A Leg Up on Kristy's Lymphedema

I just found out today my friend has Lymphedema and that she is going to France for surgery. She has had it since she was 16 years old. Keeping this private and not complaining. She is such a strong, sweet, badass and I just want to help.


The plan in France will take a total of five weeks. Kristy will have one week of pre-op visits including a LymphoMRI. She will have surgery on both her right leg and left leg separately, two weeks apart. In between the two surgeries, she will go for physical therapy every other day and she will be permitted to fly back to New York 7-10 days after her second surgery. Upon returning to New York she will begin three months of physical therapy.

COSTS (Excluding travel) ESTIMATED TOTAL COST: $48,900-49,800

Two Surgeries: $38,000 ($19,000 per leg, including hospital stays) Lymph MRI Scans: $1,900 Physiotherapy in Paris: $700 Physical Therapy in NY: $4,700-5,600 (3/week for 3 months) Post-surgery compression garments, medical supplies, medications: $3,600

Now is our chance to offer support to Kristy. We greatly appreciate any financial help you can offer our big sister. Thank you.

Please take a look at the Go Fund me her siblings created. If you have any extra money to donate I would be so grateful. If you do, Type your name and NJP "Hayley Thorpe, NJP"

Thank you so much xoxo Hayley

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