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Norma Jean Pilates & Roman Fine Art are pleased to present American Dream, an exhibition by award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Alejandro Áboli. Áboli’s first solo show at Roman Fine Art includes a collection of images from his extensive photographic series, The RedLine. American Dream showcases photos of iconic American imagery captured in an unexpected and often playful and colorful way.

The exhibit opens Fri, April 23 and continues through Sun, May 23.

Prior to creating The RedLine series, Áboli worked as a filmmaker, producer, and photographer for over a decade. TheRedLine series, which represents Áboli’s significant transition from a photographer to a visual artist, was born in 2015 from the artist’s desire to show his unique way of looking at the world.

Áboli continued focusing on The RedLine series while exploring the cities in which he has lived – Madrid, London, and New York – to create unified and related bodies of work. Áboli finds extensive inspiration in his dreams as well. Influenced by the paintings of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, his goal is to incorporate surrealism and abstract expressionism into his photos – weaving together reality and fiction.

Áboli’s body of work in anchored on a palette of bright blue and soft pink inspired by the two places that defined him as an artist: Madrid, with its blue clear skies, and Ibiza, with its unique sunsets full of different shades of pink. Áboli’s photos remain perched between truth and the imagination, depicting his personal stories. The Photos in American Dream capture the viewer’s eye using a contemporary theme while creating a comfortable ambiguity between reality and fantasy, spiced with a touch of humor. “The RedLine does not represent life as you know it, but life as you dream it.” About Alejandro Áboli: Alejandro Áboli (b. 1980, Madrid, Spain) currently lives and works in upstate New York. Born in Spain, Áboli grew up surrounded by art and culture and his family was an active member of the art community in Madrid. Influenced by his artistic roots, Áboli developed an early passion for film and photography, combining his natural talent with an extensive education in the subject. He attended the Universidad Complutense de Madrid where he received his BA in Visual Arts and his MA in Humanities. He complemented his studies with the AMC Intensive movie-making course at the New York Film Academy.

Prior to creating The RedLine series, Áboli worked as a filmmaker, producer, and photographer for over a decade. With extensive experience in filmmaking, Alejandro has written and/or directed 6 short films, and he received an award from the New York Film Academy in 2004 for his short film entitled “A solas”.

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