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Art Show at NJP

Join us for an Opening Reception for Lost Summer

Saturday, August 22, 5 - 7pm

Lost Summer is our summer long group exhibition featuring a rotating lineup of paintings and photographs by Michele Dragonetti, Michael Dweck, Renee Gallanti, Lizzie Gill, Grant Haffner and Ciara Rafferty.  Within this exhibit are two special solo shows By Lizzie Gill and Ciara Rafferty.

Lizzie Gill's Houseparty utilizes images of a bygone era. She finds inspiration by engaging with these images through a “post feminist” contemporary societal lens. Her works are inspired by a shared longing for escapism, captured through the visual language of transferred nostalgia. In No Lifeguard on Duty, Rafferty weaves together influence from art and social culture of the past with the oversaturated yet highly appealing framework of the modern digital age. The work alleges to depict reality, but it is a reality that is artificial and slightly skewed.  The paintings and photographs within Lost Summer are infused with a hopeful nostalgia that has become even more relevant during the current pandemic climate. These works offer an optimistic outlook as they reference the places and activities we hope to return to soon with a deeper appreciation of their simple value.

Please wear a face mask when visiting and practice social distancing.  To schedule an appointment, please call 917 797 8931 or email

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